BusayoBusayo is a UK based singer/songwriter/producer with influences from a wide range of music genre. Growing up in Nigeria West Africa, Busayo has drawn music influences and references from all over the world showing much appreciation for how much african music has formed bedrock of some modern music genre till this day.

Busayo grew up listening to local and foreign music acts alike with deep curiosity about the basics of music and harmony which made Acapella music much of a fascination which eventually led to the formation of The Stewards, an Acapella Boy band based in Nigeria for a while before most of it’s members moved out to different parts of the world.

Among many, Lagbaja was a great Nigerian music influences while the music of greats like Ray Charles continue to fascinate him.

Blessed with a songwriting skill that enhances his current musical discovery, Busayo has spent the past year creating and re-creating musical works of art. The songs within the album ‘Flux Fusion’ defines emotions drawn in musical notes and explodes in multi-genre editions. All songs (with the exception of Destiny Sings) have been beautifully crafted by Busayo to expose true colours of the multi-genre infusions.

A true artist, music production within his Xthetic studio allow Busayo to engage the artist within from the start of a song till it’s finished being a part of every process crafting each song from note to note.

With deep pride in his African roots, Busayo ensures he never forgets his circuitous trip here and even though there’s a long way to go, his lyrics explodes with references to how much his roots has influenced his journey so far.

‘Flux Fusion’ is the first album by singer/songwriter/producer Busayo inspired by the various colour of music influences that helped formed the work of art that infuses musical genres from Dubstep through to Ballads.

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