The Whiskey Syndicate

The Whiskey Syndicate
After a lot of jamming and drinking in Wolverhampton during the summer of 2007, and taking inspiration from their summer soundtrack featuring the likes Motley Crue, Metallica, Kiss, The Datsuns, Thunder, AC/DC, and Guns n Roses, The Whiskey Syndicate were born, comprising of Mike Davies – Guitar, Anthony Wright – Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar, Richard Corry – Bass & Backing Vocals, Stu Adams – Drums.The band immediately began writing and performing locally and quickly developed a killer sound and a storming live stage show.

Their reputation quickly spread and more dates were booked including tours and live dates alongside the likes of The Answer, Veins Of Jenna, and Voodoo Six. The band even completed a 3 week west coast tour of the USA, playing L.A., Las Vegas and Phoenix finishing off with a storming sold out show at The Viper Rooms on the world famous Sunset Strip.

Recent live reviews have described the band as “a mixture of classic rock, punk and heavy metal in a huge punch up, the resulting wall of noise is………The Whiskey Syndicate!”

Blending classic 70’s rock and punk, metal, and a little bit of Tennessee magic, the band have come up with a stripped down hard rock sound that can be enjoyed on its own, or quite simply poured over ice, so enjoy!

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