December 18, 2012 | Another new signing!! THE MICRODANCE

So, yesterday we announced our new signing, ALAVANO

Tonight it’s time to announce the next band on our roster.

It’s…..THE MICRODANCE, from London.

We are very excited about this signing!

A great, great band with some killer songs!

THE MICRODANCE sound has been described as a quickening blend of shoegaze, alt rock, new wave, dream pop, psychedelia and heavy metal. But the truth is that there is no stylistic limit to their capabilities. An aesthetic thread woven throughout their music tastefully blurs the lines between a myriad of genres; the result: an aural cocktail – delicious, zestful and refreshing. An immaculate singer-songwriter to band balance allows for a truly harmonious and collective sound.

Heavy passages fizz with electric energy, balancing on that knife edge where beauty co-exists with monolithic, angular guitars. The quieter moments are at times brittle and sparse, at others luxuriously dense, weighty and dark.

Most importantly for The Microdance, the song is always master and these are killer songs; every one of them!

The Microdance’s ambitions are lofty and far-reaching: This is a kaleidoscopic adventure with a rich, prolific and exhilarating future.

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