Quick update!

28th April 2013 by admin

We’re in talks with a few bands and artists right now and look to be increasing our roster every week.

Well, it keeps us busy and out of trouble;-)

Martyr de Mona are still busy recording their album at the moment and announced this week that they will be performing live at the forum at the LG Arena, Birmingham on December 20th 2013, before the legendary Black Sabbath take to the stage. This is an amazing achievement for the band, and we’re very proud of them.

Their album sounds huge so far, so we’ll keep you posted on the first single release – and the release date for the album too.

alavanorosterMeanwhile, Alavano are celebrating as they’ve just finished recording their album.  It’s a master-piece. We have kept our excitement about this band under wraps until this moment in time – but we have been truly blown away by the tracks on their debut album and we can’t wait to get the first single out.

We have a problem with Alavano though. Each track on the album could be a single. We’ll be putting our listening heads on this week and let you know when you can hear the debut single from this great band from the beautiful city of Glasgow.  We are also looking forward to having a wee dram (!) with the band to celebrate the completion of the self-titled album.

Watch out, Glasgow, we’re coming up!

That’s it for now. Loads going on at IATE HQ, so no doubt, we’ll have more updates soon!

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The first new signing announcement!!! ALAVANO

17th December 2012 by Jase Burns

Here at In At The Eye Records we have been VERY busy planning for 2013 and beyond and have made some exciting new signings over the last couple of weeks.

The first of our announcements is to welcome  ALAVANO to the In At The Eye Records family.

The group – who all met and are based in Glasgow – make great use of a variety of instruments, the five piece focus on creating dynamic sounding tracks with huge, anthemic choruses that’ll have everyone singing along after a listen.

They’re made up of six well practiced musicians, with lead singer Alan Adams spearheading the songwriting. They are: Alan Adams (lead singer and rhythm guitar), Stephen Brown (lead guitar), Alan Ferg (keyboard), Max Donahagy (rhythm guitar) Thomas Glasgow (bass) and Roddy McCahon (drums/percussion).
Managing Director of In At The Eye Records Jase Burns says ” Alavano are the kind of band we’ve been looking for for ages. As soon as I heard their songs and saw them I knew we had to sign them. They are genuine and real and their songs are going to make a lot of people sit up and listen, we can’t wait to unleash them on the world!”
We are planning a debut album release for the band in 2013, as well as some singles that are absolutely terrific.
Alavano are ones to watch out for over the coming months!
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