TOURISTS join the family here at In At The Eye Records

18th July 2013 by Jase Burns

tourists2We’re really pleased to say TOURISTS are joining us to release their forthcoming release ‘Hidden Desires EP’

the Ep will be available digitally everywhere from August 12th

Tourists are those who seek pleasure from the unknown, and those who are brave enough to exit their comfort zones. It is this mix of seeking pleasure of the unknown and fear of the unknown that Tourists capture in their sound.

Their rhythmic and harmonised guitar melodies are tinged with a dark haze, tension builds which is then released into blissful melody. Their driving bass lines often shift from the most simple to a curvy art-funk style, together with a heavy snare mix, which gives them their post-punk sound.

Comparisons can also be drawn from 80’s inspired ‘synth-pop’ and new wave bands such as Depeche Mode, New Order and The Horrors helping to counteract their melancholic lyrical content aptly with uplifting subtle pop sensibility. Jamie expresses notions of self doubt, indulgence, regret, love and loss in his lyrics, drawn from experiences past and present.

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