O.W.L.S is an unashamedly “grunge” band based in England’s answer to 1990′s Seattle, Brighton. Well it rains a lot and there’s a lot of flannel around. They are Toby Macfarlaine (guitar and throat), Richie Edwards (other guitar and other throat), Oliver Wickham (bass and a bit of throat) & Stephen “Stuffy”Gilchrist  (drums and absolutely no throat whatsoever).

There’s a little history here too; Toby and Stuffy are also the current rhythm section for Blur guitarist Graham Coxon when he does his solo shows. Richie and Toby used to be in a band called The Stone Gods which came out of The Darkness (Yes, that The Darkness), alongside Dan Hawkins & Ed Graham.

Taking their influence from TAD, Melvins, Alice In Chains, Screaming Trees and yes we’re going to say the “N” word…Nirvana. The tunes are drenched in howling feedback, heartfelt pop sensibilities and an unwillingness to play traditional guitar solos.
It’s all about wanting to remember these bands, far from being all about depression and drug related deaths, were actually about a fun little punk rock scene where everyone got together and threw themselves around to some great music.
That’s what O.W.L.S would like to recreate.

94.5% Pure Rock N’ Roll. Kickin’ ass and takin’ email addresses at

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